Aljezur west coasts hidden gem


A former little Portuguese fishermen’s village turns into a

little gem for surfers, families and sweet potato lovers.


Why visiting aljezur 

West coasts hidden gem

When visiting Aljezur the chances are high to be easily fascinated by this small fishermen villages and its stunning surroundings. 

Whether you are just passing by, call this your home or are on a well deserved holiday break. It is pretty certain that you will end up being amazed by what the region around Aljezur has to offer. Here is a little insight of what this little hidden gem at the west coast of the Algarve has to offer. 

A historical glipmse 

From Moors to modern Expats

The heart of the historical part and also the first sight of the city are the remains of an old castle. It was built in the 10th century of the Moors, who knew how to keep their enemies away: Locate your home on top of a hill. 

If you are not afraid of hiking and want to take over the fantastic view the Moors had every day, the Castle of Aljezur will be worth a trip.

Aljezur 2019




Located at the west coast. Aljezur can be reached in various ways. The easiest way is renting a rental car. But there are other options of course. Find a small description for a smooth arrival from Faro or Lisbon 


Aljezur is an outdoor region and the list of activities is almost endless. Choose from a large range of family fun, adventure seeking or relaxing down time. We have it all covered for you. 



Aljezur is an all year around destination with seasonal coast climate. However, they might be preferences for different visit purposes. 


Aljezur offers more than 70 different culinary spots across the area. We listed them all. You like Portuguese kitchen, fresh sea food? Or rather a super burger from the grill? We have listed even the vegan options for you. 



j Aljezur is the perfect destination for almost everyone. Your family trip, best friends holiday or just the right amount of me-time. Aljezur offers just the right spot for everyone. 


Events 2019



Bringing people together  

Having a super rich diversity of different nationalities and cultures, Aljezur profits from a high amount of events. People living in Aljezur just love to come together. Celebrating or sharing knowledge are parts of the daily life. Throughout the entire year, Aljezur offers events, workshops and classes for young and old. 

From “A” like Acro Yoga till “Z” like Zumba. We list them all for you. Just pick the right one or experience something you never did before. Everything is possible. 



Monte Clérigo offers the best opportunity to have a nice sun downer on the beach. It has some little cafés, bars and restaurants spread along the  cliff. Just relax, sit outside or inside with an amazing ocean view and a nice cup of coffee or a refreshing vino verde while the kids are building sand castles on the beach and some fishermen meet on top of the cliffs to get some nice dinner.


Arrifana is probably one of the most popular surf spots in Portugal.

The sandy beach is surrounded by typical rough Portuguese cliffs and the unique Pedra da Agulha (a big rock at one end of the bay). On a windy summer day, usually Arrifana is the best beach to escape the nasty sandy wind and still enjoy the sunshine. Every year at the end of July the fishermen organize a Sardine festival to cherish the holy fishermen’s patron in the small fishing port. Arrifana is a great picture perfect opportunity. The best spot is from the old ruins up on the top Fortress. Also a guarantee for one of the best sunsets around. 


Once you are already in Monte Clerigo, you can see the beauty of Amoreira as well.

The two beaches are divided by the river of Aljezur. In times of low tide it is even possible from Monte Clerigo to just climb down the rocks and walk through the river to Amoreira. Otherwise you just need to drive back to Aljezur and follow the main road in direction Rogil and take a left turn and follow the little road just right until the end. But this little journey is worth it! The shallow calm river offers a great sandy beach that leads to the ocean. It is perfect for families with children since the beach seems endless.

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