Cowork.Aljezur – Aljezur: Bringing Business Together

by | Feb 6, 2022

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Aljezur: Bringing Business Together 



Cowork.Aljezur is a coworking space located in the church square at the heart of Aljezur and is the first of its kind to open in the town. More and more people are moving to Aljezur and the surrounding areas every year and with each person comes a new story, a new language and sometimes a new business. With its growing population, Aljezur has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and freelancers, with some passing through just to catch a few waves and others settling down to build a life here. And why wouldn’t they, the Costa Vincentina area is widely known for its stunning views, great surf, and friendly people. What it’s not known for is a reliable high-speed internet connection, great office space and opportunity for businesses to network, all of which are important for entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers alike. As the first coworking space in Aljezur, Cowork.Aljezur is changing this, providing the local community with a new way to work, a place where local entrepreneurs and traveling freelancers can come together to connect, create and contribute.



So what exactly is coworking and why has it become the preferred way for so many businesses across the world to work? And why do we need coworking in Aljezur?

If you google it, you will find hundreds of different definitions but to put it simply; coworking is when individuals come together in a shared office space where they are free to work independently or collaborate with those around them. But it’s so much more than just an office, it enables you to build your own personal work environment to suit you, become part of a community and grow your network. Coworking spaces allow you to immerse yourself in your own world of work, whether that means plugging in your headphones and getting lost in your laptop or sharing ideas and skills with those around you. People are the greatest resource any coworking space has, one day you could be sat next to an accountant or marketing specialist whose brains you can pick, the next day you could meet a potential client who needs you. It’s the perfect place to facilitate, learn and grow.

Waking up when you want, working from the comfort of your bedroom all day in your pyjamas with Netflix on in the background sounds like the ultimate dream. And to begin with it is, but after a while it becomes distracting and you realise you’re no longer as productive as you once were and you have no motivation to even start work today. That’s when you decide to work from your local coffee shop, but then after a day or two, you realise you’ll have to buy more than two coffees if you want to stay all day. Not only that but the internet connection isn’t great with people coming and going every five minutes. A coworking space is the perfect solution, it’s the happy medium between working from your bedroom and your local coffee shop. You can come and go as you please, it has a reliable high-speed internet connection and enough people that you feel motivated to work but not so much you get distracted.

There are over 35,000 coworking spaces in the world and only one of those is in Aljezur. With an ever-growing population of freelancers and entrepreneurs coming to the area Cowork.Aljezur is the only place designated to bringing all these amazing people together, helping them grow their businesses and give back to the local community.



The philosophy at the heart of Cowork.Aljezur is “connect, create, contribute’ and this is exactly what it sets out to do. It provides both local and traveling innovators a place to come together and collaborate. A place to create and explore ideas and turn them into something more, whether this is alone or together.

The very nature of a coworking space is to help people connect with each other and perhaps meet people they wouldn’t usually cross paths with. However, Cowork.Aljezur hopes to go a step further in helping those working in and around Aljezur connect by hosting regular networking meetings in the near future. There are so many amazing people in Aljezur with innovative ideas but until now there has been nowhere to express and share them. Cowork.Aljezur wants to give local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs the platform to do this.

Something at the very core of Cowork.Aljezur’s philosophy is the word ‘contribute’, not only is it somewhere for people to come together and contribute to each other’s work but also to contribute to the community as a whole. As a new business, it is already adding to the growing economy in Aljezur and will hopefully inspire others to do the same. It’s providing a platform for the Aljezur people to explore ideas and start and grow their own businesses. As a new concept, it draws new people to the town and hopefully, these people will want the full Aljezur experience, enjoy local cafes, taste local food and shop for handmade crafts. Cowork.Aljezur is more than just a business, it’s about bringing a community together.



Reliable high-speed internet, free parking and a friendly environment are just a few of the benefits that come with working in Aljezur’s first coworking space, but the best thing is its location. Situated just off the main square, Cowork.Aljezur provides a glimpse of the real Aljezur lifestyle and culture from the comfort of your desk. Not only that but it’s the perfect destination to explore when looking for inspiration and has some amazing neighboring cafes and restaurants ideal for tasting delicious Portuguese cuisine.

With access 24/7, members have the freedom to work on their own terms. Whether you like an early start or you’re more of a night owl. When you prefer to work is up to you. Utilising the latest Noki locking system, you can enter the coworking space when you with a unique code or you downloading the app. The aim is to provide members with the freedom and security to work comfortably.

Coworking is a cost-effective solution for those looking to escape the home office and join an aspiring business community. There are a range of membership plans available, whether you are passing through and need somewhere to work for one day or looking for something more long term and would like a monthly pass. The team at Cowork.Aljezur are always happy to discuss a membership plan that works best for you and answer any questions.


You can book your desk online at Cowork.Aljezur