History and city sights

You will be wandering around the narrow streets of the old town with the Igreja da Misericórdia and be rewarded with a view over the whole area, up to the first mountains of Monchique. But (like almost everything nowadays) the ruin is also accessible with the car and there are enough free parking spaces on top.

In 1755 Lisbon and whole Portugal experienced a great earthquake. The former bishop tried to find a safer place for the inhabitants across the river. He found the Igreja Nova (=new church) and gave the new town its name. You will find the little gem on top of the main street with a small town square surrounded by little shops and cafés. Locals like to meet here for a small lunch after the farmers market every saturday morning.
The earthquake in the 18th century redirected also most of the old river and dried out main parts of the Ribeira de Aljezur. It left acres of fertile soil to the farmers and made Aljezur to the sweet potato capital of Portugal nowadays.
Every year at the end of November the local council organizes a sweet potato festival where you can get meals and deserts of sweet potato: oven-baked, sweet, savory, fried or just simply cooked. Don’t miss it!