Welcome to Casa do Alecrim,

This original Vale da Telha villa is situated in a quiet area of Aljezur right next to the lake and includes a large private yard. There are various seating areas in the garden including a fabulous rooftop terrace with fantastic views of the lake and the valley. The two local west coast beaches of Arrifana and Monte Clerigo are just a 5 minute drive.

The residents
Our original 80s villa “Casa do Alecrim” is on a different street with a view of the lake and the valley.
The living area consists of two bedrooms, a large living room with fireplace, a kitchen, an entrance and a winter garden.  The kitchen is regularly protected and gives access to a balcony facing east and a view of the sunrise in the north valley. Our living room is build around a large fireplace with original tiles. From here you can also get to the Mediterranean outside terrace. A nice place to eat and relax north.

We offer a Smart TV with direct access to the Internet.

In the house there is an air conditioning system in the living room and in the large building. There are two different mobile radiators for the winter

The garden is behind he house on a slope. There are different seating areas with great views. We recently planted more fruit trees and started a herbal garden. Feel free to you them for your cooking.

Access for guests
The entire upper floor and the outdoor area are available. The basement and garage are our personal rights; one of us lives there every now and then. Please contact us if you wish to know if someone else is around. In the summer months you usually have the house all by yourself.

Frequently asked questions:
1. Is there a coffee machine, if so, what kind?
-> We have an espresso machine, belongs to this: Máquina de Café Automática IKOHS Cmac3045Gs. They say it means espresso makers for the stoves.
2. Is there a microwave?
-> There is currently no microwave
3. Is there a barbecue area or grill?
-> There is a small personal grill, not a real BBQ spot.
4. Will someone else be on their own than the guest?
-> In summer you have all your property concerns for you. In the year together we ourselves or my mother are longer in our own area.
5. Is there WiFi and how fast is it?
-> The internet is wired and wi-fi is also available: MEO cable, the last speed check leads to the following result: 14.03 Mbit / s download, 1.26 Mbit / s upload
6. Is there a washing machine?
-> There is a washing machine and dryer in the living area, please buy detergent yourself.

Price Range
€60.00 to €180.00
Family friendly
private Parking
Pet friendly
yes (private)
Card Payments Accepted
37.30614 -8.849059