The weather in Aljezur 

Aljezur and its region along the wilder west coast of the Algarve is blessed with a wonderful climate. Usually the summers are hot and there is always a little breeze. This feels super comfortable when the temperature hits the 30 degree mark. 

The summer is market by holiday markers visiting the area with their friends and family. Whereas, in spring and autumn season the hiking season is a big part of the local tourism in Aljezur. Days in spring time are averaged by 15 to 20 degrees. Perfect weather conditions for hikers and nature lovers. Many visitors are visiting the west coast due to the magnificent blooming cliffs with beautiful wild flowers and diverse flora and fauna. 

Usually the dry season is marked from May till October – whereas this can change of course. Listening to the old locals living in Aljezur, the time from November till March is a rather wet time of the year. With periods of super sunny days. And rainy nights. 

The nights

The nights can be considered rather chilly. Even in August you might need to bring a scarf or sweater when sitting or dining outside. Of course, there will be night when you can sit outside the entire night, watching the amazing stars above you. In winter, bring some extra socks, and a hot water bottle for the extra comfort in Portuguese houses. 

So, according to statistics July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 25 degree. January temperature is considered to be the coldest with 12 degree.