Let’s go surfing!

New year – new surf hacks by our very own Marieke of Peeky Ponchos. This time she tackles how to choose your perfect surf board. For your best surf experience. Enjoy!

So it all depends on what kind of board you surf, how you transport and treat your gear.

With a softboard/longboard you will have the hardest time on land but easiest time in the water.
Whereas with a shortboard/fish you will have the easiest time on land but the hardest time in the water.

It is really  that simple!!

Softboard / Longboard

A softboard/longboard is bigger board. Mostly doesn’t fit in the car so you would need a roof-wrack. Buying or renting is possible in almost every surf shop around Aljezur. It is a bit time consuming but I am sure you will catch much more waves – guaranteed!

But look at it on the bright side: you also won’t  get a lot of sand in the car or make your seats wet! Just make sure you don’t go to the city and leave boards on the roof for a long time, as it’s easy to steel!

I know, surfers mindset is more chill but as surfing becomes more and more mainstream, everybody can sell boards easily on the internet.

Shortboard / Fish

A shortboard/fish is easy to carry. Especially if you have a long walk to the actual break, climbing down rocks and back up again after an exhausting surf sesh!
But reality kicks in when you do all that effort and you don’t catch as many waves as you were hoping for or nothing at all.

Good to know

  1. So most important is to know your level. Checking the surf conditions and the spot well and choosing the right board!
    You also need more wax with a bigger board then a shortboard/fish. Make sure you always have enough wax
    ith you!  Put wax every time before you take your board into the water. If there is enough on it already just give it a nice scratch with your comb for good grip!
  2. And of course, if you want your boards to last longer, always transport them in boardbags or boardsocks!
  3. If you make yourself ready for a sesh put the board on the ground. Don’ put it upright against the car or some stairs. The wind will most likely blow it over and you can drive straight to the board repair!
  4. Putting the board with the wax down so the lovely warm sun is not melting your wax. Put the nose on a hill or stone so the sand is not glueing on your wax.
  5. Put your leash on your foot only just before you enter the water, not to trip over it, and put it off as soon as you get out. With a bigger board its the easiest if you wrap the leash around the board so you dont have to hold that as well while walking back to the car.

Easy does it! Enjoy!