Farmers market Aljezur

The Saturday market hall is open from 8am until 13pm. We can tell you it is worth it to be an early bird. You will find a colorful variety of fruits, veggies and flowers of the local farmers for little money.

It is a great opportunity to get a small insight of the daily local life as a tourist. Also the expats of Aljezur are presenting their home made products. You can find home made pesto, hummus, bread, falafel or a lot of sweets like cookies and cakes. The Saturday market is a nice experience to meet new people and to get to know more about their passion and why they moved to beautiful Aljezur.

The square in Aljezur

After a successful shopping on the local market, almost everyone meets for a coffee and a chat at the square of Aljezur. The square is located up on the hill next to the church of Aljezur. It is one minute by car or five minutes by foot from the market hall.

Our favorite Café is called „taberna do largo“ and located in the middle of the square. Besides coffee and sweets they offer typical Portuguese food.

If you have more time you should explore the other shops at the square. An example is the one next to the Café, which sells unpacked food. When you are more in a mood of a lazy morning it is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and the social life of Aljezur.

The cliffs in Bordeira

Now the day can get started and you should check out the beautiful landscape and beaches around the area of Aljezur. First stop the cliffs of Bordeira. The view is just stunning and will take your breath away. The deep blue water of the ocean and the white foam of the waves which are smashing against the beautiful cliffs are offering a perfect photo location. It is also a great sunset point. At the beach of Bordeira you can have a nice little swim in the river, which appears during hightide. You should be aware of the wind which is usually very strong around the area.

Amado beach

It takes you only five minutes by car to Amado beach from Carrapateira. Already the way to the beach is a nice trip. Amado is a perfect beach to learn how to surf. Directly at the beach you can rent surf boards or book surf lessons with the surf schools. There are also some little Restaurants and Cafés. It is just perfect for a long beach day.

„Ceramica Paraiso“ in Raposeira

Who says there is nothing to see in Raposeira? This is our secret tip for all the pottery lovers.

Already the outside of the house which sells the pottery is impressive and popular for an instagram picture. They sell the most beautiful handmade pottery you have ever seen. The selection of colours and variety are big. Beginning from a nice cup, vase, plate, bowl and ending with espresso cups you will find everything that will make your heart beet faster. The prices are very fair. Choose wisely so that your suitcase is not going to be too heavy.