6 steps to rent a car – avoid the insurance fraud

Ever left a rental car counter disappointed because you felt taken advantage of? Many visitors of our Aljezur area rent cars for their stay.
Renting a can be cheaper than renting a bike. Depending on the season prices start at 10 Euros per day. Pretty affordable for a rental car. However, sometimes visitors report that they ending up paying more because weird payments are added at the rental car counter itself.
Obviously, an old industry trick still works nowadays. They sell you an insurance you don’t need and therefore the rental car prices rises tremendously.

The trick

By law every rental car needs to have an insurance. The customer can be held liable for a minimum of this coverage. 1.500 Euro is the average for a small car.
Additionally, you have a general security deposit of the car itself.
Reducing your cost to zero Euro in case of a crash, the rental companies sell you a CDW. A CDW is a collision damage waiver.
Here is the first trick. The CDW is usually advertised online already. Next to the general security deposit for the car.

What does it mean?

Checking for this CDW while booking the car in the first place is essential. Your credit card needs a rather large credit limit. If not, they sell you this extra insurance at the counter. Your rental car price can add up double.
So, calculate security & damage deposit on your credit card limit.

Easy steps to book a car

  • Step  1  Open a new window to book your car.


  • Step 2   Search for your preferable car and check for an offer with CDW.

  • Step 3   By clicking “BOOK NOW” the summary appears. Note “Important information” on the upper right.

  • Step 4    Make sure your credit card limit can cover SECURITY DEPOSIT AND DAMAGE ACCESS 

NOTE      Our example case needs a limit of at least 1760 Euro!

  • Step 5     If you want to secure further eventualities (windows, mirror, lost key) choose this separately.


  • Step 6     Enter your personal and payments details to finish the bookings.



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